Meat Loaf Feels 'Fine' After Recent Mid-Show Concert Collapse: 'It Was Nothing But Dehydration'

Meat Loaf said his health won't allow him to put on the high-energy shows that he used to


Meat Loaf is opening up about his recent health scare, and says he’s “positive” his latest album will be his last.

During a Tuesday appearance on the Today show, the 68-year-old singer addressed concerns about his health, particularly his collapse mid-show at a concert in Canada in June.

“It was nothing but dehydration. It shocked me that it went around the world like that,” he said. “I’m going, ‘There’s a lot more news in the world than me’ … I’m fine.”

In a Facebook video uploaded by a fan, Meat Loaf was seen falling to the floor while singing “I’d Do Anything for Love” at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. His rep told PEOPLE then that the collapse was due to “severe dehydration.”

On Tuesday, the singer said his health has kept him from putting on the high-energy shows that he used to.

“I had knee surgery. I used to run on stage and I can’t run anymore,” he said. “It drives me nuts.”

WATCH: Meat Loaf Collapses During Concert in Canada

Now, decades after he burst onto the music scene, Meat Loaf is back with a new album, Braver Thank We Are – which he says he’s “positive” will be his last album.

He teamed up with his long-time collaborator Jim Steinman for the album, and Meat Loaf said the project is a “tribute” to his partner.

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