No one is safe from the Internet's ire – not even Oscar winners

By Char Adams
Updated February 26, 2016 09:55 AM

Not even our favorite movie stars are safe from the wrath of the Internet!

In a special movie edition of Mean Tweets – ahead of Sunday’s Oscars – stars including Susan Sarandon, Eddie Redmayne and Kevin Hart read some harsh words about themselves on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Eddie Redmayne looks like someone tried to erase his nose, but couldn’t completely,” Redmayne read while laughing. “I also think he looks perpetually dehydrated.”

The Danish Girl actor was a good sport, though, commenting, “I am! I’m really thirsty!”

Clooney, meanwhile, looked amusingly dejected when he read his selected tweet, which referred to him as a “gross ratty old man.”

Empire star Taraji P. Henson fared no better when reading a tweet.

“Taraji P. Henson seems like she’s extremely ghetto in real life lol,” she read.

Then, channeling her Empire character, Cookie Lyon, the actress said, “Well I can be b—-. Meet me outside!”

Sarandon took Twitter head-on after reading a tweet about being “tired of Susan Sarandon having her big, fat, saggy boobs in my face.”

Her response: “You wish.”

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