New 'Mean Girls' Interactive App Could Finally Make Fetch Happen

The app will be released later this year

Photo: Paramount/Everett

Because just one app could never fill the void – the endless gnawing need to have more Mean Girls in our lives – Pocket Gems is creating a new app based on the film.

“Even though it’s been a while since the movie came out, it’s been a favorite for people at the company,” Pocket Gems’ Jameel Khalfan told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a really good fit for the platform.”

The game will pick up after the events of the movie have taken place: players will enroll as a student at the film’s high school and deal with characters from the movie.

“You as a user make choices that can affect the story line,” Khalfan said. “What clothing you are wearing, what you do, the characters that you talk to – every choice you make will affect what happens in the story.” So, in other words, it’s just like actual high school – but on your phone.

According to THR, Kirsten Smith, who wrote Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You, will be in charge of the game’s script. It will be released later this year, which means that people somewhere are most likely going to write, develop and release an interactive piece of software in less time than it took Lindsay Lohan to complete slightly over five days of community service.

You go, Glenn Coco.

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