PHOTOS: New York's McKittrick Hotel Turned Halloween into a Sexy, Spooky Delight

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Home to the immersive theater experience Sleep No More, The McKittrick Hotel has a reputation of blending the macabre with the tantalizing to create an alluring experience no visitor forgets. Here, Halloween is more than just a holiday, it's an opus of the spookiest, sexiest and most scandalous tricks and treats this New York City destination has to offer.

To celebrate the magic of All Hallow's Eve, The McKittrick Hotel cooked up a two-day party called Inferno. For those who missed the fun, here's an inside look inside at the debaucherous bash to get you ready for next year.
The night launched with a cabaret visit from surprise celebrity guest Aaron Paul. Decked out in a suit and eyeliner surrounding a mournful gaze, Paul lip synced a crooning number to the sold out crowd.
The twisted fun begun when the Breaking Bad actor was visited by a woman in red, who spoke of the back story of Paul's character: a grown man haunted by the memory of his home burning to the ground when he was a child.
Starting on a somber note, things did not stay low-energy for long. The even soon burst into a frenzy of scantily-clad dancers, flashing lights and booming performances.
Guests were giving free roam of the McKittrick Hotel's 100,000 square foot realm of weird and wonderful rooms, where surprises lay behind every twist and turn, including a secret movie theater playing the Halloween classic Psycho.
Riding high on Halloween spirit, party-goers soon found themselves elated instead of scared, filling the McKittrick's massive rooms with excited shouts and delirious dancing.
For those enchanted by the mystery that lies behind the many doors of The McKittrick Hotel, you can learn more about their upcoming events here.