An Asian-American group condemned Matthew McConaughey for using a racial slur on Rosie O’Donnell’s show. McConaughey, who is filming the World War II movie “U-571” in Italy, made the comment Tuesday when Rosie referred to his short hair. “I take it you’re doing a movie. That’s the new hairdo?” she asked. “Yeah,” McConaughey answered. “I’m over in Rome fighting Germans and Japs from World War II.” There was no audible reaction from the studio audience, and Rosie continued the conversation without pause. “The term ‘Jap’ has historically been used to dehumanize an entire race of people — not just Japanese nationals,” said Masaru Kent Kawai, president of the watchdog group Media Action Network for Asian Americans. “During World War II, the slur was used against Japanese-Americans.” McConaughey’s publicist Jennifer Allen and Laura Mandel, a spokeswoman for Rosie’s show, said Thursday that the actor meant no offense. “He’s the nicest young man there is,” Allen said.

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