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Their father expressed gratitude to the university for taking away the financial burden of college

August 28, 2016 02:55 PM

Four of the McCaughey septuplets have left the nest.

The college freshmen from Iowa – Joel, Nathan, Kelsey and Natalie – settled into their dorm rooms at Hannibal-LaGrange University this week, according to the Associated Press. The Missouri school offered all seven of the world’s first surviving set of septuplets free tuition soon after their birth.

Father Kenny McCaughey expressed his gratitude to the university for taking away the financial burden of sending his children to college.

“My trust in the Lord was such that he has a plan for each one, and it was a matter of me waiting and praying and hoping that God’s individual plan would work out for each of their lives,” McCaughey said at a news conference Thursday at Hannibal-LaGrange University, according to AP.

Although moving away from home and their complete family, including older sister Mikayla, was tough, the siblings are happy to have each other to lean on during the transition.

“Having them here is another thing I can rely on because I can really rely on my siblings. Having them here is like having a little part of home here with me,” said Kelsey.

Still, the teens are excited to explore their different interests and career paths.

Joel said, “We’re finally able to find our own way now, rather than have it paved for us.”

After all seven siblings graduated Carlisle High School in May, Alexis and Kenneth decided to stay close to home and attending Des Moines Area Community College. Brandon choose to join the military.

Parents Kenny and Bobbi don’t think they’ll be suffering from “empty nest syndrome” anytime soon, but they’re excited to see where their children go.

“I still think we are a few years down the road before that happens,” Kenny told the Des Moines Register last fall. “But the idea is to step out. And keep going.”

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