McCaughey Babies Monitored

Two of Bobbi McCaughey’s 17-month-old septuplets — babies Alexis and Nathan — are being monitored for cerebral palsy. “While there are some signs of something that could be long-term, (the symptoms) don’t have to mean that,” Mrs. McCaughey said in the Des Moines Sunday Register. “They could just be muscle issues.” While baby Alexis can’t yet sit up by herself, Mrs. McCaughey said, she can stay upright once someone puts her in a sitting position.

  • Alexis weighs just over 15 pounds — up from 12 in January — and is still fed through a tube in her stomach. She has severe reflux and vomits frequently. She became dehydrated and lost weight while hospitalized for nine days in January with flu and diarrhea. Nathan weighs 20 pounds. The newspaper did not say what the other children weigh, and there was no additional comment Sunday.
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