McCartneys Deny Custody Report

Heather has not gotten custody of her daughter with Paul, their reps say

Despite a U.S. television report, Heather Mills McCartney has not gained full custody of Beatrice, her 2-year-old daughter with estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney, reps for both Heather and Sir Paul tell PEOPLE.

The TV show Extra reported Tuesday that Michele Elyzabeth, described as Heather’s publicist, said Heather had gone to court in London on Friday and received an order granting her full custody, with visitation rights for Sir Paul.

Sir Paul’s U.K. publicist, Stuart Bell, tells PEOPLE the claim is “total rubbish.”

And Heather’s U.K. rep, Anya Noakes, tells PEOPLE, “Michele is Heather’s U.S.-based publicist and a friend of hers, but I have absolutely no idea why she would have said this as no decisions have been made about custody of Beatrice.”

(Noakes also said that reports that Heather will appear on Larry King Live were “not true – no plans at all.”)

Last week, Sir Paul disputed another report regarding custody of Beatrice. In a June 1 posting on his Web site, he wrote: “I continue to be dismayed by inaccuracies in the media. I have seen the story in Hello magazine regarding custody arrangements for Heather’s and my daughter, Beatrice, which is simply not true. We both have agreed to work at all times in Beatrice’s best interest, but no decisions have been made yet.”

In May, Heather, 38, and Sir Paul, who turns 64 on June 18, announced their split after nearly four years of marriage.

No matter what, McCartney’s longtime friend and former John Lennon girlfriend May Pang tells PEOPLE, “This separation will not stop Paul from being a good father, as he has always been.”

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