By Elizabeth Darst
Updated December 21, 2001 12:53 PM

A spokesman for Paul McCartney is denying a report shown earlier this week on a local Los Angeles affiliate for the UPN network that former Beatle George Harrison spent his final days in a Beverly Hills home owned by McCartney. On Thursday, Sir Paul’s spokesman gave an interview in which he called the report “complete and utter fiction,” reports Reuters. The spokesman, Paul Freundlich, said: “The fact is that Paul McCartney does not own a home in the state of California, never mind Beverly Hills.” UPN News 13 claimed to have evidence that McCartney visited Harrison in mid-November and told the ailing musician that he could borrow McCartney’s Beverly Hills hideaway. Since Harrison, 58, died of cancer on November 29, there has been some question as to the details and location of his passing. At the time of death, reporters were told that he passed away at the home of Gavin de Becker, a friend, but the death certificate contained an address that apparently doesn’t exist. Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred filed a complaint with the LAPD over the discrepancy, stating that “integrity of public records is at stake.” UPN news director Larry Peret had no comment about the controversy over the station’s disputed report.