McCain Clashes with DeGeneres on Gay Marriage

But the GOP presidential hopeful does wish her "every happiness" with her upcoming nuptials

Yep, he s against it.

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain was politically polite with Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, but he made his feelings clear about gay marriage.

“I just believe in the unique status of marriage between man and woman,” McCain, 71, said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “And I know that we have a respectful disagreement on that issue. ”

DeGeneres, 50, who plans to marry Portia DeRossi, 35, now that the state Supreme Court has overturned California’s gay marriage law, responded: “It just feels like there is this old way of thinking that we are not all the same. We are all the same people, all of us. You’re no different than I am. Our love is the same.”

McCain wouldn’t commit to DeGeneres’s jesting proposal that he walk her down the aisle, but the two ended their dialogue on friendly terms.

“I, along with many, many others, wish you every happiness,” McCain said.

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