Politics do make strange bedfellows. Conservative Republican former New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato made a push for John F. Kennedy Jr. — who comes from a long line of liberal Democrats — to run for mayor of New York City. (Due to election rules, current Mayor Rudy Giuliani cannot run for a third term once his current tenure expires.) D’Amato’s suggestion was made at a George magazine press conference in Manhattan yesterday. D’Amato is joining Kennedy’s journal as a political advice columnist, and his first feature — “Ask Alfonse” — will appear in May. D’Amato’s first bit of advice was that Kennedy might “soon be ready to lead the city of New York.” And Kennedy’s reaction: “Uh, not today.” Pressed if he might be interested in the job, JFK Jr. said anything’s possible, including his lying on a beach in a hammock.

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