Writing for a parenting blog, the actress attempted a take-down of the film
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Give credit to Mayim Bialik: She has the courage to take a controversial stance that challenges the deeply held beliefs of many Americans.

Of course, we’re talking about Frozen.

The Big Bang Theory star contributes to the Jewish parenting blog Kveller, and one recent post earned quite a response: “Why My Sons and I Hate the Movie Frozen.”

Among her gripes against the Disney musical? For one, she’d prefer the Anna/Hans romantic subplot be even less prominent. “Sure, it’s sort of hidden, but the search for a man/love/prince is still the reigning plot line in the movie,” Bialik writes. She also feels the twist of Hans being the villain verges on male-bashing (“Because you know, men can’t be trusted? Meh.”) and that Anna and Elsa are designed with doll-like proportions. (“My sons thought the females looked like Bratz dolls. Truth be told, I kind of agree.”)

More than 800 readers have posted comments, many pointing out perceived flaws in Bialik’s criticism, and even Rosie O’Donnell issued a response.

Following a similarly controversial post about a sexy Ariana Grande billboard, Bialik felt compelled to write a new post, “Three Surprising Things Mayim Bialik *Does* Like.”

The takeaway? Regardless of whether you agree with her, Mayim Bialik can now add “blogging” beneath “acting” and “neuroscience” to the list of things at which she’s been exceedingly successful.

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