In honor of May the 4th, let the nostalgia flow through you and into a galaxy far, far away

By Alex Heigl
Updated May 04, 2014 03:55 PM
Photo Illustration by Linzi Silverman; Photos Provided by Getty

May 4 is International (and inter-universe) Star Wars Day, and this year, fans have a lot to celebrate. Whether it’s new cast members, Yoda’s presence in a 700-year-old medieval manuscript, adorable new droids or just the fact that it looks like we’re going to get some new Star Wars that don’t suck, everything’s coming up on the light side of the Force.

Well, we’re here to prey on your heightened emotions. Whether you’re a scruffy-looking nerf herder or the proud owner of a ship that can make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs (FYI, that’s a tricky one: Both of those things refer to the same character!), you’ll surely be transported to a time long, long ago by these photos of the Star Wars cast posing with their younger selves.

Carrie Fisher

“There… is another… Sky… Walker.” (Get it?! Because that’s what Yoda said to Luke? Remember?)

Mark Hamill

“Ah, I love this kid. He’s such a joker. Hey, wait a minute …”

Harrison Ford

Get off my plane. I mean, red carpet.”

Billy Dee Williams

They probably didn’t have Colt .45 in a galaxy far, far away, but we bet Cloud City would have been a lot more fun if they did.

James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones looks great for a guy who’s been on the campaign trail in Ukraine.

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