Max Lomas, Who Initially Found Bobbi Kristina Brown Unresponsive, Just 'Wants His Good Friend Back'

Lomas's lawyer clarifies his involvement in the tragic case

Photo: Landov

Max Lomas, a friend of Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s who found her unresponsive in the bathtub on Saturday, has had legal trouble in the past, but his lawyer says that has nothing to do with the Brown situation.

“He is devastated by the news of her medial condition,” says Lomas’s lawyer Philip A. Holloway.

The suspicions rise from the fact that Lomas was charged with drug and firearm possession on Jan. 14. Roswell police were originally called to his residence that day because of allegations that Lomas was holding his girlfriend against her will and drugged her.

Holloway adds that Lomas is not a convicted felon (he pled not guilty to the Jan. 14 charge) and that there has been no formal or informal suggestion of Lomas’s involvement, in terms of wrongdoing, with the Brown incident.

“There’s been no indication that he’s facing charging,” Holloway says. “He was just a guy doing the best he could to get help for his friend.”

The lawyer clarifies that it was in fact Lomas, not Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, who first found Whitney Houston’s daughter on Saturday.

“She appeared to be lifeless at that point in time. He pulled her out and he was the one who called 911 and initiated the medical process,” Holloway explains.

Despite their longstanding friendship, Lomas has been unable to visit Brown – who remains unresponsive in the hospital – due to limited access within the treatment facilities.

Still, Lomas’s attention is on Brown’s recovery.

“His primary focus at this point in time is that he wants to get his good friend back,” Holloway says. “He continues to hope for her full and complete recovery.”

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