Matthew Perry: Keep Your Liver

Matthew Perry is personally refuting the rumor that he needs a liver transplant. The “Friends” star, 30, who was involved in a recent car crash, told TV’s “Access Hollywood”: “I’m in much better shape than my car.” He also said the accident, which took place May 20 in the Hollywood Hills and sent his Porsche ramming into the porch of a vacant house, “was not painful at all … It was painful to the car and the porch that I hit.” He added that he laughed off some reports about his recent hospital stay (which his publicist blamed on “a mysterious stomach ailment”).”At one point,” said Perry, “there was this story in a London tabloid that all the ‘Friends’ had gathered around me, and I enjoyed the image of that. Like they would really take time off out of their day to surround me and wait for a liver or something.”

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