July 21, 2003 08:56 AM

How you doin’? Not too shabby if you’re Matt LeBlanc, who is reportedly in talks to star in a “Friends” spinoff as his goofy but lovable character Joey Tribbiani, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Negotiations are said to be speeding up between NBC, Warner Bros. TV and LeBlanc, the trade paper reports. And while no contracts have been signed — or even finalized — the principals in the deal have agreed to include veteran “Friends” writers and executive producers Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg-Meehan in the prospective pilot. (Warners TV, like PEOPLE, is part of AOL Time Warner.)

Over the past two seasons, Joey, a soap opera actor, has been in love with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), despite her having had a baby with Ross (David Schwimmer). Last week, LeBlanc, 35, and Aniston received Emmy nominations as leads in a comedy series. (Aniston won the Emmy last year.)

NBC and Warner Bros. TV declined to comment on the possibility of the spinoff, according to the Reporter. No word from LeBlanc’s camp on the prospect.

Last October, however, the actor acknowledged that he would contemplate starring in a spinoff once “Friends” ended its nine-year run next May.

“There could be six spinoffs,” LeBlanc told TV’s “Extra” at that time. “I would consider it.”

He also told Zap2it.com: “If it was done correctly and the idea was right, and I trusted the writers and the people running the show, the show runners, absolutely I would consider it. It allows me to have dinner with my family every night, it allows me to sleep in my own bed every night, I can see my dogs, I can drive my own car. You have some semblance of a real life.”

To say nothing of a healthy paycheck.

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