June 17, 2007 09:30 AM

During this week’s New York City premiere for the HBO hit Entourage, Kevin Dillon brought along a special guest to help celebrate – his dad.

So what does Paul Dillon, proud father of two famous sons (Kevin and Matt), think about 41-year-old Kevin’s recent success?

“We have six kids, five sons and a daughter, and they’re all wonderful, all very successful,” the elder Dillon told PEOPLE. “Kevin has always worked, but he hasn’t had this much fame.”

Kevin’s Entourage character, Johnny Drama, is the younger, less-famous brother of Hollywood megastar Vince Chase. Art initially imitated life: While Matt was starring in The Flamingo Kid, Crash and There’s Something About Mary, Kevin (who, at 41, is 18 months younger than Matt) was playing smaller parts in Platoon and NYPD Blue.

But Paul claims there was never a rivalry between the boys. “They’re great brothers, very close. Matt got into acting by chance. He was [discovered] in the corridor at his junior high school in Mamaroneck, N.Y. And Kevin was at a screening of a Disney film that Matt was in, and the president of the Curtis Brown agency liked him.”

While father and son agree that the Dillon clan is growing, they did not come up with exactly the same tally. “I have 11 grandchildren,” said Paul. “My oldest boy had twins last week; his wife is still in the hospital. My wife is babysitting [grandchildren] at the hotel suite.”

Out of earshot, Kevin corrected Dad. “There are actually 12 grandchildren.”

Concerning the star power at behemoth family reunions, such as Father’s Day, Kevin claimed that the neighbors in Mamaroneck are not autograph seekers. “They’re used to it,” he says. “My parents have lived in the same house for 25 years.”

When asked if Paul Dillon, too, noticed that Kevin was enjoying the newfound attention, Dad said, “You have to know Kevin. He’s fun, ebullient; he enjoys everything he does. . . . They’re all great guys.”

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