Matt Dillon Says He's 'Open' to Marriage

The You, Me and Dupree star calls ex Cameron Diaz "a muse"

Matt Dillon, one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, may finally be ready to settle down.

With his career newly revived following an Oscar nomination for Crash and a star turn in You, Me and Dupree, Dillon tells Parade magazine he’s found the courage to open up to the kind of change – personal and professional – he once feared.

“I’m open to life now, even to marriage,” he tells the magazine. “I’m open to the idea that things will work out. I absolutely value change now. I don’t fear it. I accept it.”

Dillon, 42, calls the last several years of his life a “rebirth.” “Ultimately, I had to find my place in the world again, and I had to do it by myself,” says the actor, who’d fallen into a professional slump before Crash.

“I was dissatisfied with where I was as a man, with my relationships, with my career,” he says. “I thought my career was who I was. It wasn’t until later that I discovered I was more than that.”

Of his personal life, Dillon reveals that the one time he fell in love – with former girlfriend Cameron Diaz – changed his life.

“It’s a very powerful thing when you feel that way about somebody,” Dillon says. “Cameron was a muse for me.”

The couple’s intense three-year relationship ended in 1998, shortly after they costarred in There’s Something About Mary. When the relationship fizzled, the former teen heartthrob forced himself to re-examine his life.

Now, Dillon says he’s got a new outlook. “When I look at what has happened to me in the last few years I have a kind of guarded optimism. And that’s what faith is, isn’t it? You don’t shut the door on hope.”

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