Attending an event at Massachusetts General Hospital, the father of four said his daughters "always have something up their sleeve"

By Megan Johnson
Updated June 13, 2014 06:00 PM
Paul Marotta/Getty

Matt Damon may lead a busy life as the father of four daughters, but the Monuments Men star says the ladies of the Damon household will let him relax this Father’s Day.

“I don’t know what they have planned for me but they always have something up their sleeve,” Damon said Tuesday at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center’s The One Hundred event, which honors those who have made a difference in the fight against cancer. “I get to put my feet up.”

Damon attended the event with his father, Kent, who has received treatment for multiple myeloma at the center for several years.

Though the father and son won’t be able to spend the holiday together on Sunday (Matt’s rushing back home for his daughter’s 8th birthday) he says that he’ll be back to host the event again.

“As long as they keep him healthy and happy I’ll come back every year,” Damon said, adding that the event – which also featured a speech from Valerie Harper (who’s battling brain cancer) and a performance by American Idol winner Phillip Phillips – is always a “really uplifting night.”

Representing his hometown with a Red Sox tie, Damon said he’d love to shoot a movie in Boston, but the opportunity has not yet presented itself.

“I would like to get a movie here. It would be great to come home. Every other movie shoots here,” he joked, mentioning the current production of Black Mass, which features Johnny Depp as Boston gangster Whitey Bulger.

But one film Damon won’t be starring in is Aquaman – despite several rumors, he says, “I don’t have any plans,” to play the superhero.

However, he did add that he’s thrilled his best friend from Cambridge, Ben Affleck, has thrown his hat into the superhero ring with his upcoming role as Batman.

“Ben said it’s kind of his last chance,” Damon said. “Ben’s like, ‘I’m 41.’ And well, I’m 43.”