The pals help storm victims who have been left homeless and hungry
Credit: Evens St. Felix/Reuters/Landov

Matt Damon took a trip the Caribbean this weekend, but not to shoot a movie or relax. He went to Haiti with buddy Wyclef Jean to deliver food to hurricane victims.

Damon and Jean gave out bags of rice and beans and cans of cooking oil to hundreds of Haitians near the town of Cabaret on Saturday. At one point, the truck they were in got stuck in a ditch, so they handed out the food on the roadside.

The Haitian-born Jean, who founded his own Yele Haiti charity, was the star of the day – hardly anybody in the crowd recognized Damon, but he was fine with that. “It’s nice, it’s really easy to move through a crowd like this,” Damon told an Associated Press reporter who accompanied them.

Later, at a church where 600 people who were left homeless by Hurricane Ike were sheltered, Damon and Jean ladled out rice with vegetable sauce. Both said they hope more people will donate to United Nations relief efforts to help the impoverished nation recover from four devastating storms in the past month.

“Hopefully we can make enough noise that people will pay attention,” Damon said. “I truly believe in the people in my country.”