The star goes to a closet in their house and shuts himself in, he says

By Reagan Alexander
October 21, 2013 10:15 AM
Picture Perfect/Rex USA

How does Matt Damon cope with being the lone male voice in a household that consists of his wife and four daughters?

A man cave, of course.

Actually, more like a man corner, as Damon describes it.

“I barely manage,” Damon told PEOPLE before being honored at this past weekend’s 23rd Annual Environmental Media Awards in Burbank. “I do have a little ‘man area’ that I can go to that is kind of mine that they don’t know about.”

Rather than outfitting his space in movie-star splendor, the actor-writer-activist – and cofounder of – says with a laugh, “It’s a couple Sports Illustrateds and my iPhone basically like a closet where I go and shut myself in if the estrogen gets too crazy.”

Damon, 43, adds, assuredly, “The man cave is a work in progress, [but] that’s my happy place.”

And while the Behind the Candelabra star apparently doesn’t put that much of a premium on “me” time, there is one area of his life to which he gives close attention: date nights with wife Luciana.

“[We] just literally go out to dinner and just sit and catch up and talk,” the actor told reporters. “We’ve got to be vigilant about it because if we don t make the time for it, it will never happen. We just make the time, basically.”

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