Matt Damon Finally Speaks on the Kimmel-Affleck Parody Video

The new dad-to-be says of the clip: "They definitely had a higher production value"

Photo: WENN

Jimmy Kimmel’s revenge song “I’m f—ing Ben Affleck” has been a huge success since it aired after the Oscars. But what did Matt Damon, who starred in his own video with Kimmel’s girlfriend Sarah Silverman, think of the revenge video?

“I liked it,” Damon told reporters as he arrived at the Empire Awards in London Sunday. He added with a laugh, “They definitely had a higher production value than we did!”

The Kimmel-Affleck video features a galaxy of stars, such as Brad Pitt, who appears as a FedEx deliveryman, while Hollywood heavyweights including Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle and Robin Williams provide backing vocals.

Damon knew before the video aired that there were going to be some big names appearing. From the set of the video, Affleck called Damon, “and he goes, ‘Harrison Ford is here.’ That was a high point for us.”

The Indiana Jones star appears at the end of the video when he pulls up in his convertible and blows Affleck and Kimmel a kiss.

Meanwhile, Damon has been focusing his affections elsewhere recently. He and wife Luciana are expecting another child, his rep, Jennifer Allen told PEOPLE on Sunday. Says Allen: “They couldn’t be happier.”

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