Maternal Instinct: Sharon Stone Adopts Boy

Plus: Stars hit Cannes, Drescher ditches D.C., and more

ADOPTED: Sharon Stone, 47, has adopted a baby boy, born to “unknown and unrelated parents in Texas” on Saturday and named Laird Vonne Stone by the actress, Stone’s publicist, Cindi Berger, said in a statement, adding “Mommy and her boys are over the moon.” The Basic Instinct actress has a 4-year-old son, Roan. She and her husband, Phil Bronstein, divorced in 2004 after five years of marriage. She is currently in London filming Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction.

PREMIERED: The curtain’s up at the 58th Cannes Film Festival, with Wednesday’s premiere of the Charlotte Rampling film Lemming. Also on hand: jury members Salma Hayek, Javier Bardem and author Toni Morrison – who admits she sneaks in movies during the week and says that her movie judgment is “infallible,” despite not being in the industry. Hayek, 39, is excited over the prospect of being a juror; which she considers even better than presenting a film. “When you are an actress here you give a lot of interviews. As a juror you can just watch a lot of movies.” Meanwhile, hunky Bardem, 36, expressed wariness about the hordes of photographers at the festival, quipping: “No one is going to make $1,000 from my pictures. If he does, I just might go into business with him.”

EVACUATED: Fran Drescher, 47, and Joan Rivers, 71, were tossed out onto the steamy streets of Washington, D.C., Wednesday after two blundering pilots of a private plane flew into restricted airspace, forcing a frenzy of evacuations – including that of Nancy Reagan, who was visiting the White House. The comediennes were both in town to lobby Congress; Rivers as a spokesperson for the National Osteoporosis Foundation, Drescher for the need for better public education about gynecologic cancers. “A woman came running (and) screaming, ‘We have to evacuate the building!'” Drescher told PEOPLE. “We ran for our lives. We ran down New Jersey Ave. and they made us run past D Street. It was hot, the make-up ran, the hair got frizzy.” Did Drescher head back in after the all-clear? “No. That was it. I headed back to gentrified Georgetown.”

GREETED: Billy Crystal blossomed Wednesday at the luncheon to honor this year’s Tony nominees, where Spamalot‘s Hank Azaria and On Golden Pond‘s James Earl Jones were equally hospitable. Crystal, 58, whose autobiographical 700 Sundays is up for best special theatrical event, said he was having separation anxiety now that the show has only 13 performances left. “I promised my family that I’d be home for the summer,” he said. “I’ve got this granddaughter who I’ve seen five days since Christmas, and they live in California. If they lived here I just would keep going till I just couldn’t stand anymore.” The Tonys will be dispersed (on CBS) on Sunday, June 5.

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