November 19, 2002 01:55 PM

Nobody’s perfect — not even Madonna — and it seems even the Material Girl herself forgets her wallet at times. The pop music megastar asked a pair of strangers for a handout after realizing she needed a few extra quid to buy a slice of cake, Reuters reports, citing Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

“A woman came up and said, ‘Excuse me, but you look like really nice people. Can I borrow some money? We forgot our wallets,’ ” Mimi Negussie told the Sun.

Negussie and her sister, Titi, didn’t recognize the singer, but they were happy to help out. Titi handed over a two-pound coin (worth just more than $3) to help Madonna, 44, and director-hubby Guy Ritchie, 34, cover a shortfall in their 5.25 pound (roughly $8) bill. The couple were out at a London eatery with son Rocco and Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes.

Madonna, who counts the U.K. as her home these days, was the highest-earning musician in Britain in this year’s Sunday Times Pay List, with estimated annual earnings of 36 million pounds (or roughly $22.9 million), reports Reuters. A spokesman for Madonna tells the Sun the sisters would be sent CDs and a check to cover the loan.

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