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Maria Yagoda
January 27, 2016 12:55 PM

Babies and bullfighting do not go together.

Francisco Rivera Ordéñez, one of Spain’s most celebrated matadors, is under fire for posting a picture of himself bullfighting while cradling a baby – his five-month old daughter – in his left arm.

Not only did commenters on Instagram react to Ordéñez’s post with concern for the baby, but authorities took notice, too: Andalucia’s Child Protection Agency is currently investigating him to see if he’s violated any laws.

“We absolutely reject this and will gather information with a view to possibly taking action,” a spokesperson for the agency told the Times.

The photo, posted on Monday, has already received over 3,450 comments on Instagram. The caption, written in Spanish, reads: “Carmen’s debut. She’s the fifth generation of bullfighters in our family. My granddad was a bullfighter as well as my dad. My dad did this with me and I’ve done it with my daughters Cayetana and now the Carmen.”

Ordéñez later posted a side-by-side picture of him with his daughter and his father with him, with the caption: “History repeats itself.”

Despite public scorn and the pending investigation, other bullfighters have stood by him, posting pictures of themselves holding children in the ring.

“What’s the problem in showing our children a profession that we love and is filled with values?” bullfighter Manuel Déaz posted on Twitter.

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