Heath Ledger and the Olsen twin were dating, according to reports
Credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Landov; Bryan Smith/Zuma

The masseuse who discovered Heath Ledger‘s body spoke to the actor’s friend Mary-Kate Olsen twice on the phone before dialing 911, police sources confirm.

Masseuse Diana Wolozin arrived at Ledger’s Manhattan apartment to give him a massage at about 2:45 p.m. on Tuesday. When he didn’t come out of his bedroom, she called his cell phone and got no answer, according to the sources.

She then went inside his bedroom, saw him lying in bed, set up the massage table near his bed, and shook him. When the 28-year-old actor did not respond, the masseuse – who knew that Ledger was friends with Olsen – used the speed dial on Ledger’s cell phone to call Olsen in California asking for help, the sources say.

Olsen, 21, initially told the masseuse she would call security people in New York for help. The masseuse then called Olsen back to say she would call 911 herself, the sources say.

According to reports in the New York Post and New York’s Daily News, Ledger and the Olsen twin were dating.

Wolozin called 911 at 3:26 p.m. She told authorities Ledger was not breathing and she tried to perform CPR while on the phone, but he was unresponsive.

Emergency aid workers arrived at the apartment at almost the exact same time as Olsen’s security people – seven minutes later.

The source confirmed information first reported by the New York Times. It also clarifies Olsen’s link to the case. Earlier rumors erroneously said that Ledger had died in Olsen’s apartment.