Kids these days and their self-promotion

By Alex Heigl
Updated December 05, 2013 11:30 AM
Credit: Courtesy saxtonmaryann/Youtube

Is 1-year-old Evie Saxton the youngest selfie-taker ever?

This video is proof that self-promotion is starting younger and younger these days.

Mary Saxton picked up her phone one day, only to find that her camera app was open. She checked the last video and was surprised that her daughter Evie had apparently discovered the phone and unintentionally taken a selfie video.

Evie’s probably not aware that “selfie” was 2013’s Word of the Year, but she displays a preternatural skill at the art form.

All the classic selfie poses are present:

  • “Serious Face Taken from Downward Angle” (:03)
  • “Smiling Face From Downward Angle” (:06)
  • “One-Handed Away From the Body Shot” (:15)
  • “Avant-Garde Super-Close Up at Dutch Angle” (:34)
  • “Not Looking At the Camera Shot” (:44)

The kid’s a natural.