That long-awaited (and much-delayed) reunion of Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern just isn’t going happen, ABC Entertainment President Jamie Tarses announced Monday. The network had ordered 13 episodes of a prospective TV series reuniting Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper, the original stars of the beloved 1970-77 “Mary Tyler Moore” sitcom, but the project is now officially dead. “This was one of those cases where the stars didn’t line up correctly,” said Tarses. Originally the show was to have debuted last September, but was shelved pending ABC’s supposed search for better scripts. The show would have depicted Mary and Rhoda as two friends who had lost touch with each other but were reunited as widows, each with a daughter named for their old friend.

  • At the same news conference to sound Mary and Rhoda’s death knell, ABC also announced that it had a new drama series in development created by “Twin Peaks” producer David Lynch and David Kelley, producer of “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice.”