Mary Kennedy's Final Days: Prayers and Apologies

Robert Kennedy Jr. had said he couldn't help her because she didn't want to help herself, according to a police report

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The day before Mary Richardson Kennedy committed suicide, she called her estranged husband Bobby Kennedy, he later told police.

“She was sorry for everything,” Kennedy told the Bedford Police Department, giving his version of the events. “She told me she needed me to take care of her.”

The police report, first published in the Westchester Journal News, reveals new details about her final days before Mary’s body was found in a barn behind her Bedford property.

Mary, 52, had spent that time “staying in bed by herself,” which the caretaker claimed kept her from cleaning her room, according to the police.

Mary, she said, had “asked me to pray for her, because she got more bad news from her lawyer.”

‘Something Was Wrong’

While the report doesn’t specify the nature of the bad news, her friends say she had been despondent over the custody battle with Bobby over their four kids: Conor, 18, Kyra, 16, Fin, 14, and Aidan, 11.

“I thought something was wrong with her,” said the caretaker. “I told Bobby … that she needs help.” Bobby then reportedly told the caretaker he couldn’t help her because, he claimed, “she doesn’t want to help herself.”

According to the Westchester Journal News, Mary “was also very worried that her dog Cupid was pregnant and Robert Kennedy would be very upset with her because she was supposed to have the dog neutered.”

On the afternoon of May 16, Mary’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor met with Bobby. “He was worried that something had happened to Mary and that she may have hurt herself,” the sponsor said.

Later that day, her body was found hanging from the rafters of the barn.

In June, after an affidavit was published from the Kennedy’s divorce case in which Bobby claimed she had been violent with him, the Richardson family issued a statement saying the claims were “full of vindictive lies.”

Then, in July, Mary’s body was dug up from her grave in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, near the family compound in Hyannis Port, and moved to an area further away from the family plot.

The developments have been painful for those close to Mary, who, they note, can no longer defend herself.

“Some of what was said was mind boggling, untrue and in very poor taste,” says a close friend of the way Mary has been portrayed by the Kennedys. “People should choose their words more carefully.”

After all, the source points out, “The Kennedy family has 60 years experience in the myth-making business.”

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