The actress dishes about her childhood on a sitcom and her evolving fashion sense

By Rennie Dyball
February 12, 2009 02:05 PM
Henny Garfunkel / Retna

Ever wonder how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hit their marks on Full House before they could talk? It seems gummy bears were involved.

To decide which young girl would do a scene, “It was basically who wouldn’t cry in front of the camera,” says Mary-Kate in the new issue of Interview Magazine, on newsstands Feb. 25. As for nailing their scenes, they “would get little gummy bears,” she says, “cut into three pieces. And we’d crawl to the gummy bear or reach for it … The outtakes of Full House are pretty funny.”

Not that the regular episodes are totally off her radar. “Last year, Ashley spent the night at my place and I woke up to the theme song at seven in the morning. I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ ”

Now famous for their distinct styles, Mary-Kate admits there was a time when they didn’t have such individuality. “If my sister and I did an appearance, we would be wearing the same outfit,” she says of their early teens. “It would be the same dress and we’d fight over who would wear it in red and who would wear it in black.”

Today, however, she draws her fashion inspiration as much from people on the streets of New York as people in Hollywood. For more on Olsen’s fashion sense and love of spandex, check out Style Watch

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