"If she doesn't like him, I won't like him," Mary-Kate says about twin sister Ashley's opinions on guys

By Eunice Oh
October 22, 2008 11:30 AM

Want to date an Olsen? You’ll have to also impress her twin.

The famous sisters, 22, tell Oprah Winfrey that they have a say in each other’s relationships – at least to some extent.

“I just support her,” Mary-Kate Olsen says about twin sister Ashley in a new Oprah Winfrey Show interview set to air Thursday. “If she doesn’t like him, I won’t like him. If she likes him, I’ll like him.”

Mary-Kate, who says she’s currently “not in a relationship,” admits that she “can put in my two cents, but I think, you know, whatever makes her happy. It’s her life.”

One guy who has likely made a good impression on Mary-Kate? Ashley’s current beau Justin Bartha, with whom she was recently spotted cozying up during an intimate dinner in L.A.

“We respect each other’s decisions,” adds Ashley.

Has it always been that way? Says Mary-Kate, “pretty much.

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