Mary-Kate and Ashley Say Goodbye to L.A.

The Olsens bid farewell to the West Coast and head off to New York for college

Halfway through Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Aug. 13 farewell bash at the Hollywood hot spot Spider Club, the twins stood up on the club’s black leather couches to dance and sing. Their inspiration? The old Clash rocker, “Should I Stay or Should I Go.”

The musical question was moot: The two planned to leave the West Coast celeb scene behind and fly to New York City this week to begin their new life as New York University students.

All signs point to a smooth transition to college life for the sisters. An aftercare team for Mary-Kate, who recently completed a stint in rehab for an eating disorder, is in place; so is private security, which will be kept as discreet as possible so fellow students aren’t disturbed.

And forget any freshman jitters. “They’re really well-adjusted kids,” says Dave Coulier, who costarred as Joey on Full House. Coulier says the cast of the sitcom, including Bob Saget and John Stamos, still hopes to throw “some little shindig” for the twins. Also parting company: Mary-Kate and her boyfriend David Katzenberg, but only because he’ll be attending school in Boston. They’re still an item.

The twins face one minor snag – the Olsens had expected to move into a new $7.3 million pad near campus, a four-bedroom, 5,725-sq.-ft. penthouse with a screening room and separate studies. It’s not quite finished, so they’ll rent quarters nearby. (Back in L.A. they recently paid nearly $4 million for a home in Bel Air.)

All in all, Coulier thinks they’ll do fine. “To be under the microscope like they have been is tough,” he says. “But I look at them and think, ‘I’m so proud of you girls because you’ve handled it so gracefully.'”

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