Mary-Kate and Ashley Milk Ads Recalled

The Olsens' white mustaches go into cold storage as Mary-Kate battles an eating disorder

Magazine print ads featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sporting milk mustaches and asking “Got milk?” are being pulled because of the “sensitivity to their current situation,” Hugh Williams, a director with the Milk Processor Education Program, tells the Associated Press.

Mary-Kate, 18, is in a treatment facility to battle an eating disorder and “is taking the time that she needs for herself right now,” twin sister Ashley tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

Their milk ads first surfaced May 7 and were scheduled to run until the end of this month. The twins were only the latest stars to don the white mustaches in the nine-year-old campaign, which has featured dozens of celebrities including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mandy Moore.

In a statement at the time of their ad launch, Mary-Kate said: “We wanted to appear in this ad because we love the campaign and we want to help make sure our fans are healthy like us.”

As a source told PEOPLE, Mary-Kate is working with a “world-renowned psychiatrist” and a nutritionist to conquer her problem, and when she emerges from rehab, she and her sister plan to “live our lives the way we want to live them,” says Ashley.

This will include attending New York University together and possibly doing movies separately, Ashley tells PEOPLE.

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