The Miami location provides sun and a fun setting for the star and her entourage
Credit: Ramey Photo

Jennifer Aniston polished off her Thursday shooting Marley & Me – which costars Owen Wilson and Grey’s Anatomy‘s Eric Dane – with a lychee martini at Mandarin Oriental’s Martini Bar in Miami.

Looking slightly sunburned and exhausted, according to a fellow patron, the actress shared her late cocktail hour with a small entourage – a gal and two guys and even Norman, Aniston’s dog, who was brought down for his nightly stroll after drinks were done.

It seems like Aniston was really getting into her character – Aniston plays Wilson’s wife in the movie, which is adapted from John Grogan’s memoir about family lessons learned from a neurotic dog – she was sporting a platinum wedding band on her right hand.

When she’s not catching up with friends, Aniston has been working out with regular guests, constantly smiling and being very friendly to all, says a source.