Martin Sheen's Drug War

Martin Sheen, the Emmy-nominated leading man from “The West Wing,” took on a new political role this week when he stepped forward to oppose Proposition 36, which will appear on the California ballot in November. The measure would send those convicted on drug charges into treatment centers rather than into jails — and Sheen, whose son Charlie has a history of drug problems, would prefer that drug users be kept behind bars. “I’ve seen how devastating drug addiction can be,” Sheen, 59, said in a statement. “Drug addicts need to be held directly accountable by the court with real sanctions.” He also said that the proposition would decriminalize “dangerous and highly addictive drugs like heroin, crack cocaine, PCP and methamphetamine.” In May of 1998, Charlie Sheen, now 34, was hospitalized for a drug overdose and then ordered into a rehab program after his father reported the overdose to the court. The younger Sheen now says he’s clean, and this fall he will takeover over the lead on the ABC sitcom “Spin City,” after its former star Michael J. Fox withdrew to do battle with Parkinson’s disease.

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