Martin Lawrence Cements His Future

It looked like King Arthur himself had come to Hollywood Boulevard with the procession of knights on horseback, bosomy wenches, medieval trumpeters and hordes of supplicating peasants. The royal fanfare was all for Martin Lawrence, though, whose new film, “Black Knight,” opens on Wednesday. The comedian was being honored as the King of Hollywood for a day as he received a star in front of Graumann’s Chinese Theater, reports PEOPLE. “Dreams come true, folks, so please remember to follow your dreams,” the star gushed as he planted his feet and hands in cement. “It is so cool that now people can come here and step all over me. They can step on Martin.” Lawrence, whose roles in “Big Momma’s House,” “Blue Streak” and “Life,” along with his own sitcom, earned him his star, now has enough clout to ask for $20 million for his next movie, “The Bomb.” Maybe that’s why the actor was so nonchalant about ruining a beautiful new suit and shoes in wet cement. He only had one worry as he knelt down to make his imprint. Said the comedian, “I had nightmares that I’d be the one guy who spelled his name wrong and it’d be like that forever. Japanese tourists would swing by on the tour bus and make fun of me forever.”

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