Watch out, Howard Stern. The domestic mogul is coming to Sirius Satellite Radio

By Sharon Cotliar
Updated April 18, 2005 01:00 PM

Soon, satellite radio listeners will be able to hear all Martha, all the time. Martha Stewart announced Monday she has signed a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio – the future home of Howard Stern – to create her own channel for the network.

The domestic mogul has signed an exclusive four-year agreement to create and launch a Martha-branded channel, which will provide original programming designed for women listeners and their families.

“Programming will be for the homemakers of America and beyond,” she told reporters during a press conference Monday.

“I was raised on radio,” she added. “We were the last family on Elm Place to get a television. I continue to be a radio listener. I’m very excited about this.”

It’s still not clear how much time Martha herself will spend on-air. But she said she likes the idea of radio because she can just “roll in” without worrying about hair and makeup. “One cappuccino, a microphone and we’re off.”

It’s just the latest of several new projects launched by Stewart, who has seemed empowered since her release from federal prison in March after she was convicted last year for lying to investigators about a stock sale. Stewart has already announced plans for two new TV shows (including a new version of The Apprentice) and just last week two of her publications picked up National Magazine Awards.

Stewart is still serving out her house arrest, which requires her to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet on her ankle and remain on her suburban New York estate. She is, however, permitted to spend 48 hours a week outside of her home for work.

Sirius, meanwhile, is busy filling its roster with big-name talent to compete with the No. 1 satellite company, XM. Last year, Sirius announced a $500 million deal to bring Howard Stern to the network starting next year.