The Donald made remarks about her that were "unforgivable," says Stewart


Talk about slow cooking – Martha Stewart is still mad at Donald Trump.

The two moguls first clashed in late 2005, when Stewart’s Apprentice spin-off debuted shortly after Trump’s show, starting a war of words.

More than two years later, Stewart’s still stewing.

“Donald said some things in all the hastiness that were unforgivable and I don’t have time for people like that,” she said at the New York Times Art & Leisure Week Forum on Friday.

Stewart, however, has found time – for a long time – with her billionaire boyfriend, software tycoon Charles Simonyi. She says they’ve been together for 14 years.

“We’ve kept it quiet,” Stewart says.

Stewart is 66, her boyfriend 59, an age difference that played a role in their courtship.

“Our first date started with a bet,” Stewart says. “He bet that he was older than me. I won of course. … We bet for a substantial amount of money. Then after that we started hanging out.”