The domestic diva is yoga-ready to get out of prison, and has gifts for her dogs

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 22, 2005 08:00 AM

In less than two weeks, on March 6, Martha Stewart will be released from the Alderson, W. Va., prison where for the past five months she has been serving her sentence on obstruction of justice charges.

According to a story in the current issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, the domestic expert has been reading Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, doing microwave cooking, crocheting holiday gifts for her dogs – even doing a headstand.

“I can tell you she is, indeed, ready to get planting, having ordered her seeds and made extensive to-do lists, just as she would have done in any winter,” writes editor Margaret Roach, explaining that she and Stewart, 63, have exchanged letters and Roach has visited Stewart.

As for Stewart behind bars, Roach writes: “The tales were always surprising: foraging for wild greens, such as dandelion, on the prison property to augment the limited fresh vegetable offerings in the diet there; decorating the chapel for a memorial service with whatever remnants of the growing season nature had left behind by late fall; cooking up impromptu recipes in the microwave with whatever basic ingredients the commissary had for sale.”

While visiting, Roach also witnessed Stewart’s stretching in yoga exercises. “Nobody in the visitor center seemed surprised. They, too, have gotten to know our Martha, always formidable, always moving forward,” writes the editor.