Her electronic bracelet isn't slowing down the domestic diva, she assures fans

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 15, 2005 08:00 AM

Ever-businesslike, Martha Stewart is telling fans that the electronic monitoring bracelet she is required to wear may be uncomfortable but it is not hindering her busy schedule.

Addressing fans who participated in a live “Welcome Back, Martha” Internet chat sponsored by her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., the 63-year-old domestic expert says of her new accessory: “I hope none of you have to wear one.”

Stewart wrote her answers from the kitchen of her Bedford, N.Y., estate, where she remains under house arrest for the next five months following her March 4 release from prison for obstruction of justice. She is allowed to leave home for 48 hours a week to go to her office.

Asked whether she intends to write a book about the time she spent behind bars in Alderson, West Virginia, Stewart said: “I don’t plan to write a memoir of Alderson per se, but when I do write my autobiography it will surely contain a section relating to the last five months.”

She also said she was in a “pretty good mood” in prison and that she met “very interesting women … The past five months have taught me that we can put up with quite a lot.”

But one thing she couldn’t quite tolerate: “I really didn’t miss any food or drink at all,” she said about prison grub as she prepares to host an Easter meal at home, where she plans to serve kielbasa to reflect her Polish heritage.

She also says she’s gathering eggs from her henhouse to hard boil and use for her Easter table centerpiece.