August 06, 1998 12:00 AM

It seems there was a messy little incident up at Martha Stewart’s estate in Seal Harbor, Maine. Limo driver Richard Anderson told the Associated Press that on Aug. 13 he was taking home a group of women who’d been to a nearby bachelorette party when he accidentally took a wrong turn — right into the private road that leads up to Martha’s place. He said that he ended up being detained for an hour after Stewart backed out of her driveway, blocked his vehicle and asked what he was doing there. “Then she went off like gunfire,” said Anderson, who says Stewart informed him that she was sick of people coming by her home. Yesterday, Stewart’s publicist released a statement saying, “Although Ms. Stewart plans no further action in this matter, like any homeowner, she remains concerned with issues of privacy and personal safety when in the sanctity of her own home.”

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