Stephen Lovekin/Getty
October 14, 2008 08:45 AM

Being an action star can be a rough job. So Mark Wahlberg has made a few adjustments to keep himself safe-and-sound for his kids.

“I’m not the thrill-seeker that I used to be,” the actor said a press conference for his new film Max Payne last Sunday. “No more jumping out of planes or off of buildings or any of that stuff. In between movies I tell them to wrap me up in cellophane so nothing happens. I want to be able to play with my kids.”

Wahlberg, 37, plays a cop whose family and partner are brutally murdered in this film adaption of a video game. In real life, he’s happily settled with fiancée Rhea Durham – the couple is discussing an August wedding date – and their three kids, Ella, 5, Michael, 2, and newborn Brendan.

“The biggest challenge for me was going to that horrible place and imagine something horrible happening to my family,” he said. “I [couldn’t] wait until the last day of shooting so I [could] go home and hug my kids and get those thoughts out of my head,” he added.

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