February 17, 2007 09:00 AM

Mark Wahlberg may have gained a supporting actor Oscar nod for his role in The Departed, but he says his role in the crime drama is strictly typecasting.

“I’ve always been a con artist, trying to talk my way out of trouble – or into it,” Wahlberg, 35, tells Time magazine in its new issue.

Early on in his career, Wahlberg says he got into trouble when the money started rolling in. “The first purchase I made when I got a check for $100,000 was a Mercedes for $100,000,” he says, recalling, “I didn’t have money left over for insurance and gas.”

These days he’s bound to get into less trouble, in part because his posse has changed. As Wahlberg, who produces HBO’s Entourage, which is loosely based on his own life, tells Time: “The new entourage is my girls [with model girlfriend Rhea Durham], a nanny, a diaper bag. You’re supposed to grow up and become responsible.”

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