The actor plans to wed Rhea Durham next summer "in the Catholic Church somewhere" and have more kids, he tells PEOPLE; Plus: he addresses the SNL skit
Credit: Bobby Rachpoot/Pacific Coast News

Mark it down: Mark Wahlberg says he is finally ready to walk down the aisle next summer with longtime girlfriend Rhea Durham.

“We’re talking about August,” the actor tells PEOPLE. But Wahlberg, 37, and Durham, 30, haven’t yet decided if they’ll wed in his Boston hometown. “I don’t know. It will be in the Catholic Church somewhere.”

The couple, who already have three kids – Ella Rae, 5, Michael 2, and Brendan Joseph, one month – is also thinking about adding to their brood. “I’m the youngest of nine,” says Wahlberg, adding that that the final count will be “however many Mom wants to have.”

Juggling family and work – he stars in the video game adaptation Max Payne, opening Oct. 17, and produces the HBO series Entourage – is much easier these days now that Wahlberg has ended his hard-partying days. “The fact that I stopped going out and partying, that allowed me to do it,” he says. “There’s more than enough time [now] to take care of everything and still get a good night’s sleep.”

Getting a good night’s sleep also meant that Wahlberg missed the Oct. 4 episode of Saturday Night Live, which featured an impression of Wahlberg by Andy Samberg in a sketch called Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals. “I haven’t watched SNL since the Eddie Murphy-Joe Piscopo days,” he says. “Somebody showed it to me on YouTube.”

And the verdict? “I didn’t think it was really funny,” he says. “It couldn’t compare to Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. I thought that was fantastic.”