Billionaire Brawl? Mark Cuban Questions Whether Donald Trump Is as Rich as He Says

"He's not transparent enough for us to actually know," Mark Cuban told 77 WABC's Bernie and Sid of Donald Trump's reluctance to release his tax returns


Is Donald Trump in danger of losing his “billionaire businessman” prefix?

Mark Cuban, the media mogul best known for Shark Tank, told 77 WABC Radio‘s Bernie and Sid that he questions whether or not Trump is actually a billionaire because of the GOP nominee’s reluctance to release his tax returns.

“I know what I’m good at, and I know what I’m not good at. I’m not so sure Donald knows what he’s not good at,” the 57-year-old said, noting that Trump’s skills include licensing his name. “He’s good at that. Whether or not that’s made him a billionaire, I don’t know. He’s not transparent enough for us to actually know.”

Cuban cited Trump’s real estate business as successful, but found little value in his steak ventures: “You’re not gonna make big bucks, no matter what,” he said of the brand.

“He just doesn’t have the ability to say no if someone’s going to write him a check,” Cuban added. “And I think that’s a huge problem.”

He also charged that he’s wealthier than Trump – and said he’s willing to bet on it.

“The reason I know is when you file your federal election campaign reports, you have to list all your cash and liquid securities and bonds – you have to list them one by one,” Cuban said. “So we know without any question that as of May 27, Donald doesn’t have more than $165 million in cash and securities and bonds. And trust me, I’ve got a lot of more than that in cash, securities, and bonds.”

According to Forbes, Cuban is worth $3.2 billion. Early in his career, Cuban sold his system integration and software resale company for $6 million. He now owns Landmark Theatres, film distributor Magnolia Pictures, co-founded AXS Tv and invests in startup companies. He purchased a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks for $280 million in 2000, according to Forbes.

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Cuban previously told PEOPLE Now that he doesn’t care if Trump gets mad at him.

“I put him in his place a thousand times, I can do it a thousand times more,” he charged, adding that Trump needs to “start diving in on learning the facts behind the issues.”

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