Inside Mark Cuban's Dallas Mansion

The billionaire businessman shows PEOPLE his home office

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty

More than a deal or two has been made in here.

Businessman Mark Cuban – worth an estimated $2.5 billion – prefers his home office with a basic desk and work chair to a huge conference room with lavish furnishings.

“That’s not really my style,” Cuban tells PEOPLE. “I want to be comfortable.”

Comfort is a multi-tasker’s must-have, says Cuban, 54. Along with appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank and investing in those start-ups, running his network, directing NBA’S Dallas Mavericks as owner and juggling other investment opportunities, Cuban is also an involved dad to kids Alexis, 9, Alyssa, 6, and Jake, 3 with wife Tiffany, 40.

“The biggest change in my life since I moved in here 14 years ago is of course, the kids,” he says. “I didn’t even go up to the second floor of this place for years until we had kids.”

And though he’s having a lot of fun on television– in addition to swimming with the sharks, he also recently appeared in a cameo for JR Ewing’s memorial service on Dallas, he’s first and foremost a business guy. After selling his company MicroSolutions made him a millionaire, he moved to Los Angeles, took acting classes, and got several callbacks for the role on the movie Twister that ultimately went to Philip Seymour Hoffman. (When acting didn’t work out, he went on to found the company that made him a billionaire.)

“Thank God that wasn’t me [in Twister],” says Cuban, laughing. “I wouldn’t have done and now, I’d likely be doing dinner theater in Poughkeepsie. Can you imagine?”

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