Mark Ballas & BC Jean Reveal Their One Wedding Mishap — and the Surprise Twist That Left Their Guests' Jaws on the Floor

Mark Ballas and BC Jean's bohemian chic wedding may have turned out picture-perfect, but not everything went to plan

Mark Ballas and BC Jean‘s bohemian chic wedding may have turned out picture-perfect, but not everything went to plan.

The newlyweds revealed that one key element of their ceremony went awry.

“BC walked the aisle to what was meant to be a string quartet version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen, but the DJ played the real version,” Ballas, 30, tells Entertainment Tonight.

But cooler heads prevailed when Ballas’ best man Derek Hough told him, “Just go with it, it’s fine.”

Appropriately, Ballas tells brides- and grooms-to-be of their big day: “Something may not happen as planned, but you gotta just roll with it and enjoy the day.”

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But one thing that did go to plan for the pair was their sexy first dance to Coldplay‘s “Magic” — including the very surprising ending.

“We decided to throw in a last-minute tango,” revealed Jean (née Brittany Jean Carlson), 30.

“And none of my friends have seen her dance — ever,” said Ballas. “There was this move where she, like, flipped around my back and, like, put her hand through my leg. And they got a photo of it from the back. And you can see all our friends’ faces are like [jaw drops]! It’s the best photo ever.”

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The couple shared the walkup to their Thanksgiving weekend wedding exclusively with PEOPLE and the People Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).

“It was a three-day affair,” Ballas told PEOPLE of the festivities back in November.

“There was so much dancing,” added Jean. “We had so much fun. We keep saying we’re going to have to get everyone together again next year to celebrate our anniversary.”

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