Get to know Prince William and Kate Middleton's (among countless other stars!) photographer

By Rennie Dyball
Updated December 11, 2010 05:30 PM
Michael Bowles/Startraks

Anyone who follows the world of celebrity has surely seen one – if not tons – of Mario Testino’s portraits. The famed fashion photographer, who recently shot Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s engagement photos, is no stranger to well-known subjects.

1. His client list is a veritable Who’s Who of Hollywood
Testino has shot everyone from Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Madonna and Demi Moore, and his work has appeared in British and American Vogue, among other stylish publications. On the royal front, his photographs of Princess Diana are among the most iconic of William’s late mother.

2. He knows Prince Harry, too
Testino shot the younger prince’s 20th birthday photo in 2004, which depicts him cracking up beside Prince Charles and Prince William, and the photographer noted his camaraderie with the family. “They were not laughing at anything in particular,” he said. “It is just the way they relate to each other.”

3. Madonna helped launch his career
His Versace campaign featuring the material girl was called “Versace presents Madonna by Testino.” “It made quite an impact,” he has said. “I was a no one. Who is this Testino? It did change the way people saw me. I became a brand.”

4. The Princess Di photo helped him save children’s lives
The sale of just one print from Testino’s portraits of Di funded a clinic in his native Peru that aids children with Tuberculosis. In 2008, the photographer took a trip with Save The Children to visit the completed clinic.

5. He almost became a man of the cloth
“When I was young, I wanted to be a priest,” Testino told the U.K.’s The Telegraph. His regular charity work today, he adds, “has made me feel that I have got some of the priestly instinct back I adore being able to go to the Oscars and know every single person at the party afterwards. But that’s not really my life.”