Mary Glasure hadn't seen her son Corey Hoffmaster in two long years


While facing her first round of chemotherapy treatment after her breast cancer diagnosis, Mary Glasure was understandably nervous. The 59-year-old woman’s family helped ease her fears, however, with an incredible surprise.

In an emotional video, Mary is seen meeting with doctors at the Tony Teramana Cancer Center in Steubenville, Ohio, when she encounters a very rude “doctor.”

“I have a lunch appointment I need to get to so let’s hurry up,” the faux-physician in blue scrubs demands of Mary, which elicits a surprised response.

When Mary turns around to face the now-unmasked man, however, she quickly realizes it is actually her son, Corey Hoffmaster, a U.S. Marine.

Completely shocked, Mary immediately breaks down into tears of joy, and hugs her 24-year-old son.

“I haven’t seen you for almost two years,” she says through tears.

Mary told Today that the surprise visit was a “once-in-a-lifetime thing for me. I never in a million years thought he would be coming back.”

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“I needed my spirits boosted,” she added. “I needed him home because he’s my strength. Being in the Marines, he’s the matter-of-fact, you’ve-got-to-do-this type.”

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Mary’s son Cody Glasure told Today that his brother Corey typically doesn’t surprise his mother on trips to Ohio, but was “really excited” about the special moment. Mary had been waiting to tell her son that the cancer has spread to her spine and left lung.

According to Today Corey is stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in Arizona, and was able to come home on leave.