Shot by Terry Richardson, the magazine's spread also includes Manson's father in full makeup

By Alex Heigl
Updated February 10, 2015 11:45 AM
Credit: Terry Richardson/Paper

Everyone, meet your new nightmare fuel.

The common narrative thread in Marilyn Manson‘s recent spate of interviews for his new album, The Pale Emperor, is that the man once known for his vampiric schedule, prodigious absinthe intake and friendship with Johnny Depp has turned away from most of those things toward a healthier lifestyle. (He’s still friends with Depp.)

But that doesn’t mean Manson has mellowed that much, as the new cover of Paper proves. Shot by Terry Richardson, it shows Manson in costume as a terrifying version of Mickey Mouse, complete with ears and lipstick.

Manson’s interview, however, reveals him to be as thoughtful and willing to talk as ever, covering topics like his attempts at a healthier life – he’s shifted to working during daylight hours, stopped drinking absinthe and now works out with a trainer.

“I liked the power of being in control of my life,” says Manson.

He also touches on more sensitive topics, like the death of his mother (she battled dementia for a long time and passed away last May), which he says caused him to value family more than ever. “I saw the mortality in my family. I think I found a responsibility there, a responsibility to myself.”

And lest you thought things would skew too serious, he also talks about his dad, who appears in the magazine alongside his son, both in full makeup. “The first time that I did see my dad in makeup was, ironically, the second concert I ever went to. He dressed as Gene Simmons and took me to the Kiss ‘Dynasty’ tour when I was 11. And people were asking my dad for his autograph.”

Okay, so maybe the absinthe and night-time schedule weren’t the only things that made him weird.

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